Fireplace Surround

A Fireplace Surround Frames Your Home’s Fireplace, and Creates a Custom Look All Your Own, all the While Adding More Charm through this Unique Feature

Don’t Stop Just Shy of Making Your Fireplace Really Stand Out by Choosing From Many Available Surrounds!


Finding the perfect fireplace surround for your fireplace is as easy as taking a few measurements and turning on your computer. That’s because the best selection and best prices can be found online.

Best of all, choosing from the myriad of fireplace surrounds, allows your new surround to match your existing décor. Available in a variety of wood, and medium density fiberboard (MDF), in numerous finishes, widths, heights, and in styles that help draw the eye to yourShop Today! home’s favorite destination – your fireplace.

A surround will add a touch of elegance that will personalize your fireplace to your own style. It will frame your fireplace and be the one item that causes your hearth to become the focal point of the room, adding charm and appeal.

You will need to obtain a few measurements so that you can select a surround that can be placed far enough from the heat of the firebox so as not to be a fire hazard. For example, if the vertical facing material around the firebox is brick, you need to maintain a few inches of that non-combustible brick between the heat from the fireplace and the surround. This is especially true if the surround is made from a combustible material such as wood.

Not sure what style fire place surround you want?  For those handy with a paint brush or staining, you might select the Windsor surround, made of hardwood, which is shipped ready for your color. A designer’s eye and touch, can give this surround the paint color and finish that makes your entire fireplace area really “pop”. Many of these surrounds are available as pre-finished or unfinished such as the Amherst surround All of these surrounds are perfect for either a wood burning or a gas fireplace.

As you go through the planning for the update of your home, what you will really like is that you get to pick out your favorite surround, shopping online while taking your time as you look through the selection and compare styles, colors and wood finishes, features, prices and more.

Your time spent shopping online will be very rewarding. Saving money, time and frustration; you will get exactly what you want. Shipping costs are negligible. The only thing you will have to do is to take a few quick measurements then choose which surround you believe would look best in your home.

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