Fireplace Screen

The Right Fireplace Screen Adds a Designer Touch to Any Room, Customizing Your Fireplace while Enhancing the Overall Indoor Fire-Gazing Experience

Count on Functionality and Charm of Screens That Are Within Your Budget!


There’s nothing better than sitting in front of a warm, crackling fire as the snow falls outside, blanketing the winter ground.  Watching the flames dance behind a beautiful fireplace screen and enjoying quality time together as a family or couple provides an experience to cherish.  As a child, my fondest memories were formed sitting in front of my grandparent’s fireplace and toasting marshmallows with aunts, uncles, and cousins, laughing as we listened to grandpa and the other adults tell stories from their own childhood Shop Today!and playing board games. 

 Whether you have a cabin, urban, or rural home or your interests or style is traditional, contemporary, there are lots of choices for fireplace screens or doors. For example, there is a screen with a bear family motif, a copper folding trees screen, or an antiqued neoclassic screen.

Also found are screens made with many options of finishes and materials. For example, there are wonderful stained glass fireplace screens. Truly breathtaking, there is one that has a wisteria designed into the stained glass, perfect for the country home on the lake or in a formal setting. Another memorable screen is the clear beveled stained glass screen which would allow the flames of the fireplace to show through the glass.

There are several different wrought iron fireplace screens along with brass screens. Whether you are an outdoorsman, nature lover, hunter or fisherman there is a screen for you. There are even summer fireplace screens used only for decoration and not when there is a fire in the fireplace.

What to consider when purchasing a screen for your fireplace:

1) While glass screens provide the best protection against sparks exiting the fireplace, they do not allow as much heat to enter the room. Mesh screens give good protection against sparks from the fireplace entering the room, while also allowing maximum heat to enter the room.

2) Screens which have handles on top are much easier to safely pick-up and adjust.

3) Hinged panels on a multi panel screen allow for the best fitting screen for your fireplace.

4) Assure that your screen has ample height and width to give spark protection at the fireplace opening.

Yes, it is hard to imagine a style of screen for your fireplace that is not available in various widths and heights, finishes or material. Time saved, quality of the products and ease and safety of the transaction make shopping online for a screen for your fireplace a very satisfying experience.

Sit back and join us in your quest for the perfect screen or door for your fireplace.



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