Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace Mantels Frame Your Room’s Cozy Focal Point and Provide a Special Place to Showcase Some of Your Most Treasured Photographs and Other Favorite Decorative Accessories

Adding the Special Touch of the Right Mantel Personalizes Your Fireplace!



As we sat, enjoying the first fire in the Molly and Mike's updated home; we all agreed their home remodel was everything they had wished. As we relaxed, Molly left the room, returning with a cherished oil painting from her parents. She placed it, centered over the mantel which was selected from the many fireplace mantels available online.

The painting complimented their recently purchased fireplace mantle perfectly. What a backdrop for a cherished possession!Shop Today! The mantle gave them lots of “display space” above their fireplace.

Their fireplace, with this new mantle shelf in their living room, was undoubtedly quickly becoming a winter gathering place, ideal for romantic evenings, shared time with friends and family and for entertaining.

The wood mantel was perfect! Before ordering it, Mike had carefully measured the space surrounding the fireplace. Molly, certainly the more creative of the two, sketched out several ideas. We discussed that the mantel should be wider than the fireplace opening and placed high enough above the opening so as not to be subjected to flames or heat from the fireplace. This is especially important when the mantel is made from a combustible material such as wood.

They knew they wanted a mantel that looked older, which is why they finally chose a rustic wood mantle. Many styles and types of mantles were available from which to choose including elegant solid wood hand carved mantels and unfinished mantels. All of these could be used with wood burning or gas fireplaces.

Now, they had new memories to create in front of their own home’s fireplace. Mike felt fortunate, knowing they had not wasted time and money outfitting their cherished fireplace, for everything they needed could be ordered online!

Additionally, they knew from experience that ordering mantles for the fireplace online was safe and that they had access to a larger selection and even better prices. Now you too can have this same pleasant shopping experience.


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